Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Still 215 days...

Hopefully, the photos demonstrate a small amount of the grossness we have to live with. Note the butter and the tobacco pouch, particular favourites of mine. Also, the note on the door is because she forced a key in from the other side when one was already n the lock. Almost caused a disaster. Never mind the fact that I was always the one stuck out in the cold because her key was keeping me locked out. The note serves as a reminder not to leave keys in the door. I think i might turn into a wildlife photography hobby- watching the Sloth (our name for her) in her nautral habitat...

Just another thought. Toilet Rolls. I don't know if she's stuffing her bra with it, or just eating it but i'm not kidding when I say she goes through approxamately 4 rolls in 6 days. Yes, it's weird that I notice but I think the fact that there never appears to be any is weirder. If anyone has suggestions as for what she is doing with it, answers on a postcard please. Compare her 5 rolls a week to the fact that we have used 3 rolls in 2 weeks (yes, we have a secret stash, muhahah).

Also, tonight, we went for a nice dinner the minute we realised the beast was rising...she made a chip butty and the dishes are all still sitting out. Despite the obvious attempts to clean up. And when I had the nerve to change from some shitty animal rescue programme to Grand Designs (I LOVE Kevin McCloud) she got the hump and went off upstairs. But i'm not bovvered since she has her own tv- i don't therefore I win the kitchen tv!

Enough for tonight.

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