Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Does anyone need any penicillin?

Dangerous because I am literally about to lose the plot but also because of the tea pot. I believe I mentioned it in an earlier post. It's been sitting with fruit tea in it for about 6 days and now there's also some mould in it. She also said she cleaned the fridge a few weeks ago, but then poured milk in the salad drawer and big beastie (for those who don't know, it's a horrific pre-mixed vod-bull drink. barf) under the salad drawer. So the milk had gone manky and her attempt to hide it using a fridge de-odouriser simply wasn't working. I also found some bacon in the fridge and the smell of it actually brought tears to my eyes and puke to the back of my throat.

And another thing bringing me to varminting- what we've appropriately named 'Thong Butt'. If we thought the falling down jeans were nasty...when ass crack is replaced with about 3inches (no joke) of thong it's beyond disturbing. You just shouldn't have to face that when you're watching the soaps having a cuppa! Tonight, she just hasn't bothered to come downstairs, so on the off chance that you've stumbled across the blog- either start cleaning the house and pulling your weight or get the hell out. Even taking your manky clothes out of the bathroom would help, or when you eat the toilet roll, throw the empty roll in the bin. Unfortunately, it's more likely that the trauma of having to go to 'work' and get up during the day has taken it's toll on her...

Monday, 2 February 2009

Back to work.

Well HFH (housemate from hell) was supposed to start back to work *cough* today, taking notes for the wee first years with dyslexia. When I rang her this afternoon at 3:30, she was still in her frigging bed. How does that work? Lazy cow.
This weekend has been a relaxing one, i didn't have much interaction with her (sigh of relief) but last night, it was her boyfriends birthday. Adam, who I had first, had been skiing for the last week and by all accounts was having an absolute ball! So on Friday night, Paul got to witness the cracks in the relationship appearing when she came downstairs and burst into tears because Adam was acting all weird. What do you expect, you gave the poor guy the willes. She was all loved up with her ex (who incidentally should be canonised for putting up with her) and then you announced you loved Adam. Of course that was going to send him running for the hills, the French Alps incidentally. But last night, she got all dressed up, did her hair, the works. When i say dressed up, i mean put her "Fuck Me Boots" and a jumper dress on instead of the manky jeans where her ass is hanging out so I thought they'd be going out for dinner or a drink. But instead he came in, laughed at me and my hangover, eat some sweets and then she dragged him upstairs. He was here quite a while, and although there was tension between them, I had to listen to them giggling so I didn't think anything was up. But, today, i got a text from Adam's housemate asking if they broke up. Apparently Paul and I aren't the only ones who think she's completely nuts, Adam and aforementioned housemate also see the crazyness!

Now that she's single again, hopefully she'll take the time and do some dishes. Its long overdue. And maybe in future, a belt and less pretend sickness will help you to find a guy and not scare him to death. It's girls like her who give the rest of us the 'crazy woman' label.