Sunday, 30 August 2009

Today is the day.

Well today SHOULD be the last day of dirty, lazy bastards rent but she left early! The joy I experienced when I walked through the door to see her rent and a key was unreal. It was like a dream come true. She has been slowly moving into Adam's house (more fool him) and is now his for the keeping, as i'm sure he will learn soon enough! My joy was short lived though- I soon realised that the fucking tramp hadn't actually moved out and taken everything with her. I was left with 2 cupboards with food in them that I had to sort through. To make it even more gross, I was looking at dates on things and found that some of it was BBE in 2005. She'd brought gross food to our house from her last hovel and abandoned it. Then there is the vase (whoever bought her flowers must have been taking the piss and i've seen nothing in it in the last year), the foot spa (gross doesn't even cut it), the plates and cups (i'm gonna go greek and smash the fuckers) and the pills. I twittered a picture of them. It was like Georges Marvellous Medcine in that cupboard, pills for every ailment and plenty of empty packets.

So now to find a new housemate...lets hope they are better than the last.

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