Tuesday, 21 July 2009

41 Days to go...

So I came home from a lovely holiday to find that not much had changed in my absence. Well changed for the better. House absolutely reeked, the whole way through of stale food, there was rubbish everywhere, floor looks like someone has pooped on it in places, the bathroom had a coating of scum so bad that I couldn't pee, so after being awake for 24hrs and flying about 4000miles I cleaned before I could pee and sleep.

When I had it out with Paul about the mess, he did say that it was all dirty rotten housemate, so I wrote her a note saying sort it out, have some respect or leave. But Paul got scared. See, she owes us money, few month's rent, and money for utilities etc, so he took my note down, saying it was bullying her and I couldn't do that beacuse even if we have a gurantor form signed etc, she would be able to fight it. I don't know if he's right or not (but in the rare case that he is) I've rephrased the note. And here it is:

Caroline, you still owe rent and are therefore in breech of your contract. As well as this, please start to tidy after yourself before you head to adam's. Note saucepan and steamer.
I came home from holiday and smell from house could have killed. Ps I'm not anal, like Monica, I just don't fancy e.coli or salmonella.
Please move the things from the landing. If there is a fire (caused by smoking inside perhaps?) we will die. Also, move your laundry. It should be dry by now.
This is my house too and it is an embarrassment. Have some respect for the house and your landlady. Wether you spend every night of the week here or not is irrelevant-if you're going away for a while, take your food out of the fridge if it will go bad by the time you're back and while you are here, if you use bathroom, it means you contribute to the mess so it is only fair that you clean it. Same for stairs. And kitchen. Ps you owe Paul £176.10.

Non payment and we will have to go to gurantor.

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