Thursday, 9 April 2009

tearing my hair out...

This blog is very much somewhere that I rant to and times like this, i'm extremely grafteful for it! Today was the first day in a few weeks where I had nothing urgent to do and I could catch up on the episodes of ER i've missed and I also gave in and decided I couldn't stand seeing how filthy the bathroom is. People think i'm mad, that I can let it get to the state it gets to (where your friends come over and fall over clothes etc.) but it's a case of ignoring it until it simply can't be ignored any longer. I contribute 1/3 of the mess and dirt in there, and I accept that. I also accept that my brother doesn't exactly pull his fair share of the housework (kitchen, ok. Stairs being hoovered, it's my domain) but then again, i've been cleaning up after him since I was able to understand my mum when she told me to put something of his away, so i'm more than used to it. I guess i'm also a little sexist. I think that a girl would/should be cleaner, and see when something needs a good scrub where the typical man can just ignore it.

So today, i scrubbed that bathroom until it was clean. Took out so much rubbish and threw all the dirty clothes into the hallway. I've never understood how people can leave their clothes in the bathroom after a shower, but what baffles me more than this is that the HM seems to remove underwear and take it to her room, but socks, jumpers, shoes etc all stay there. Now, i'm not certain that the underwear does get moved, and it's going to be like UFO's- never completely confirmed or denied (i'm not rooting around in her clothes) but it seems like it does. So if you move knickers, how hard can it be to move the whole lot?

I also left a note today on our message board saying "Paul and Caroline, Stop leaving clothes in the bathroom AND it's not fairies who clean's fucking driving me mad. I'm not your mother, do some housework". So coming home from a night out to find a rather delightful picture of a fairy on the notice board, along with "it is fairies who clean it", i think this rant is justified. Fair enough, a bit of a reaction is good, i've clearly riled her (although she says it was the BF) but is there any need to be so damn rude when i've had to move your disgusting razor and veet to clean under them?

Another breakthrough this week- "The Cull". We had been talking about it for a while, and eventually set the plan in motion this week. Before making any preconceptions about me, i'm not utterly crazy, i've been driven to this...
I bought chain, and a lock and have taken all the dishes, except 4 of everything (plates, cups etc) and locked the rest in a cupboard. Seriously though, it's the first time i've seen the kitchen remain tidy since the gap between gary moving out and current HM in and I love it. I love being able to get up in the morning and not have to find a space to put a plate, no more balancing things on top of the cooker and no fear of finding a mouldy cup hidden behind something. HM doesn't agree thought. Despite having discussed it with Paul (I know for sure since she mentioned only having one spoon in her old house), HM has taken a strop and finds my idea hilarious. I don't even care that she's laughing at me because i'd rather that than live in filth any longer.

It's also gone beyond the point where she thinks i'm a bitch because I just don't care about her opinion. I simply cannot fathom that one person can have so little regard for her surroundings, or have such low aspirations. Working a few hours a day with no desire to get some other qualifications or another 'proper' job just puts me in awe. I'd like to think I (and most other people) have a rough plan of where we'd like our lives to be in 10 years time. I imagine she's still planning on doing things and never following through. I actually can't believe I thought we could be friends. Paul thinks she's afraid of me, and to be honest, if I were her, i would be too. I have no respect for her, because she has none for me or herself. She hides behind the BF and saying he drew the fairy shows this- she's not prepared to take responsibility for whatever part she had to play in it. Instead of saying 'i think your idea sucks' she laughs at me with him. So as childish as it may seem to lock away the cups, being so sneaky and unconfrontational is even more of a cop out.

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