Friday, 6 March 2009

It's been a while...

It's been a few weeks since my last post, basically because we are convinced the housemate in question has discovered this blog, not because she's cleaned her flithy ways.
Last night, i went out after work and came home to what could be the straw (or potato) that broke the camel's (or my) back. She had been to the shop and bought a fairly big bag of potatoes and proceeded to boil them (from what I can tell, with skins) mash them with my butter (freshly bought since all the other butters have been left sitting out for days) and throw in a tin of tuna. Now, i'm no tuna fan, and to my horror the house now smells of tuna, because after cooking this horrific feast, she left some on a plate and in the saucepan. So we've got caked on potato fairy will struggle to remove and the smell of tuna to contend with. Not cool.

And while i'm here, there is also the small matter of £660. Rent for 3 months which has yet to be paid. Is it normal that landlords have to ask for the rent, or is it common courtesy for the tennant to remember that the rent is due on the 1st of every month?

Also, milk. I think that the one pint carton of milk are made for single people who drink one cup of tea per day. The litre cartons are for the people who occasionally eat cereal. So in a 3 person household, where there is at least one large bowl of cereal per day, and approxamately 3 or 4 cups of tea each, the 2 litre carton is a bit of a necessity. Unfortunately, said lazy housemate, never buys these, instead choosing to bring the small crappy cartons home. This drives me round the bend. It actually kills me. I don't understand why she does it.

The walls in this house are also quite thin, and when next door had a party the first thought in all our minds was that she was upstairs with her fella makin boom boom noises. Gag. Not what you want to hear (or think you hear) right before you go to sleep. And an update on Toilet Roll-Gate. She's taken to hiding it. We can come in and there are no rolls, and magically a single (normally peach coloured(why not buy white)) roll appears.

So Cazbot, if you read this post, cough up the rent, clean the fucking dishes, wash the floor once in a while and since you use the bathroom too, i think it'd be nice if you cleaned it once in a while. And stop leaving your clothes on the floor. I tell Paul all the time and it's finally clicked with him, it's really not that difficult to take your dirty clothes up stairs and keep them in your room, not a communal space. The tumble dryer is in the garage, and the remote is normally in the kitchen or on the stairs so feel free to use it instead of drying everything on the smallest landing in the world. And ps, the landlady is more than entitled to do spot checks so hopefully she won't see anything too messy next time she's here.

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